Mind Mapping and Writing tool for
Higher Education

Introducing ideamapper 4students, a mind-mapping and writing tool designed for Higher Education. 

Plan - Write - Reference - Publish

Plan - Write - Reference - Publish 

ideamapper HIGHER ED simplifies the writing process and combines visual creativity with a simple 4 step structure to help create well structured and referenced documents.

Brainstorm and Plan!

Let your creativity free using  mind-mapping to plan out your document. Use Colors, Pictures and Clipart

Structure & Customize!

View both the map and the text document at the same time, also add tables, images and view in 3D.


Reference text, images, diagrams and figures then automatically generate your bibliography.

Publish your Work!

Publish and present your work as an ideamapper document or export to Word* & PowerPoint*.

Make Writing Simpler

Use the creativity of mindmapping to help plan out and structure your ideas whilst using ideamappers Split-Screen View to write your document simultaneously.

Feature 47

  Higher Education Templates

Explore 100+ writing and planning templates to help get you started on your next project, from Essay Writing to SWOT Analysis or planning an event.

Created for K-12
Ideamapper for K-12 simplifies the learning and writing process to help students increase information retention and contains all the tools you need to write a well structured document.
Created for students in College/University
Ideamapper’s Higher Education editions simplifies the writing process and contains all the tools you need to write a well structured and referenced document.
Created for businesses
Ideamapper Pro is a simple, highly effective planning and productivity tool that makes it easy to capture creativity, organize thoughts and manage projects more effectively.

Pricing Options

This table shows a selections on the features available on either ideamapper or ideamapper 4students. Click 'More Pricing Options' to view different currencies and purchasing methods.

Brainstorming (Color & Hierarchical Structure)
Split-Screen View
Print Map and Text View
Example Maps
"3D" View
Multiple layout options
Touch Screen Interface
Clipart Library
Insert Tables/Images
Export to Word(*) & PowerPoint (**)
Available on Win, Mac & Linux
Visual Learning Lesson Activities
Academic Phrasebank
Bibliography/Referencing tool Harvard, Indexed styles

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